We want to unite the world through play by making unique games with a globally represented team.

Who we are

Unknown Worlds (UW) is a globally distributed developer of beloved games across a wide variety of genres and platforms. UW was founded by Charlie Cleveland and Max McGuire in San Francisco California in 2001. The studio was born of the Half-Life modding scene with Natural Selection. Since then, UW has reached world-wide recognition for the hybrid multiplayer strategy/shooter Natural Selection 2 and underwater adventure survival game Subnautica.

What we do

Unknown Worlds feels passionately about our company goal to “Unite the world through play.” We strive to create inclusive experiences through diverse representation of characters, cultures, environments, and more. The team is composed of people from all across the planet, which is key to the work we do. We want to make games for the world.

A Global Development Team

Our team is fully distributed, with developers in all quadrants of the planet. We are deeply proud of our global team!


Our History

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